Scrabble Word Builder helps you Win Every Game of Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordfued or other Scrabble like word games. Enter your Rack letters in the form file and you will get a list all the words that they can spell. Each word is listed in a table that shows the Word, its Length, its Score and its Definition. Clicking on the heading at the top of the table to resort the results. You can sort the words by length, point value or alphabetically.

Using Scrabble Word Builder's additional search filters to add your letters to the end (Prefix Search), the beginning (Suffix Search) or both sides (Anywhere Search) of a letter or word that is already on the game board.

Scrabble Word Builder has five dictionaries to choose from. They are: Scrabble (Standard Scrabble Tournament, Wordfeud, Wordwise, etc), SOWPODS (Non-US English Scrabble Dictionary), French, Italian, and Words With Friends (Alphajax).

To use Scrabble Word Builder, just enter your rack letters in the Your Letters space, then click the Submit button. Scrabble Word Builder will display a list of all the words that you can play. For Blank Tiles, enter a ? in the You Letters space for each wildcard you would like to search (up to three).

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Use '?' for Blank Tiles (You can enter up to 3)

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